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Unmissable: Ochsner Sport Club special offers



Dosenbach-Ochsner AG


Ochsner Sport Club

Scope: To attract new Club members with special offers

Members of the Ochsner Sport Club can benefit not only from specific special offers, but also from bargain prices across entire ranges. A recent sale offered shoes with a discount of 20%. In order to draw more attention to these reductions, Ochsner Sport needed new in-store displays.

Mounted in the spring of 2017, a number of striking posters, stands and stickers in the CI colours of red and dark blue display the offers. The clear graphic layout on each format also enables instant conversion for other ranges. With this one-size-fits-all solution, campaigns are easily adaptable.

A conscious effort was also made to include the Club card by giving it a visible presence in the POS tools, acting as a visual incentive to join the Club alongside the teaser “Not a member yet?”


Ochsner Sport POS Werbung – Anzeige


Ochsner Sport POS Werbung – Plakat


Ochsner Sport POS Werbung – Kleber


Ochsner Sport POS Werbung – Kleber