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Asked by Rhomberg to create a PR campaign for their successful jewellery business, Factum came up with a THANK YOU CAMPAIGN in which Rhomberg invites people to thank others – via Facebook  – who have done something good. Rhomberg says thank you to its followers too and «enriches» someone’s posting every week with jewellery.

Where would we be without the people who stand by us and see us through difficult situations? Without friends, partners, work colleagues, relatives and neighbours who help us to get things done, meet challenges, get through experiences and find our way? The support given by others is worth its weight in gold. And those who give are entitled to something in return: a sign of appreciation. A thank you.


Rhomberg Aktion Danke


Rhomberg Jewellery rewards your thank you

Thank you is more than just a hollow phrase or polite expression. Thank you has the magic ability to bring on a smile. With the THANK YOU CAMPAIGN published on its Facebook page, the Swiss jewellery mail order business invites people to thank others such as a friend, partner, colleague or family member. In short – a person in your life who deserves a heartfelt thank you.

And Rhomberg says thank you too – to those taking part. Every week, from 7 November to 5 December 2016, a Facebook thank you post will be selected and given gold star treatment, entitling the messenger to select a piece of jewellery for the recipient to the value of CHF 500.- The winners’ stories will be written up and published on the campaign’s landing page:

Launch in 20 Minuten and on social media

The campaign is publicised in Switzerland’s most widely read free newspaper, i.e. in the printed edition of 20 Minuten and on the web ( The THANK YOU CAMPAIGN is also advertised on Rhomberg’s own communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and as well as in their newsletter) and with flyers, posters and an animation on screens in the jewellers’ stores.