Projects ( Classical )

Gaining support for the Jewish School’s new building in Zurich


Talmud Toire

Scope: To develop a concept designed to gain supporters

For over twenty years, the Talmud Toire school has been an integral part of Jewish life in the city of Zurich. As student numbers constantly grew, the decision was taken several years ago to construct a new school building. Now, with funds needed to finance the interior fittings, friends and patrons across the world are to be informed about the new building and asked for their support.

To appeal to potential donors, Factum put together the components for a personal approach: an elaborate slip case containing not only a personalised cover letter but also a detailed brochure of the building with visuals of the rooms and interiors and a presentation of the funds required. To round off the communication, the slip case also included a memory stick holding a video of rendered CAD presentations – also produced by Factum – inviting the visitor to a virtual tour of the school building.


Slip Case:

Slip Case with content: