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By teaming up with digital specialists Converto, Factum has found a dynamic partner who masters the art of performance marketing. The result is a win-win situation in which there is even a third winner – the customer.

More and more companies are increasing their spend on their website and digital marketing activities. However, since target marketing relies on digital expertise and a mathematical background, Factum has chosen not to develop this specific competence itself but to partner with a well-established individualist which has solid experience in the market. «By teaming up with Converto we have found a young partner which is already tuned to the future,» says Valentino Mauriello, Managing Director of Factum. And their special wavelength is: tailoring.


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Useful to the user

Tailored advertising requires two different processes: first, it needs to fully personalise the customer experience and, second, optimise the way content is filtered for users- all in real time! It is precisely on this basis that Matteo Schuerch, founder and CEO of Converto’s has founded his vision: “Online advertising should be an interesting and pleasant experience for users.” To achieve this, the performance marketing expert and his team work hard to develop solutions that generate added value for the market and at the same time are simple to understand and handle.

In turn, by partnering with Factum, Converto can leverage the experience and long-standing client relationships of the independent full service agency. Working together will maximise the potential for successful sales promotion – in combination with experience, curiosity and an awareness of the client, message and recipient.